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Part III - Ready to go!

Words by Ride Bikes

on 13/10/2020 14:38:10

One of our inspiring customers Janet Benefield is about to set off on her Hebridean adventure, cycling 185 miles long the Hebridean Way. If you haven't been following her journey, please see the last two blog posts to catch up on her journey so far.

Since the last blog post, Janet has been busy trying to fit in as many bike rides as possible. She runs a successful business Two By Two, works for PrintFest as well as various other commitments. Her life is busy, I'm sure we can all relate to that! We all know that it can be hard to find the time to fit in training, planning and even time to just get out on our bikes.

Janet found ways such as commuting to work where possible, and just taking an hour here and there where she could to get out and ride. A recent holiday to Scotland meant she could spend time to ride each day to become familiar with the gears, charging the battery and how to feel comfortable and confident with the bike.

In the last month she has noticed that hill climbs that used to call for the high setting on the Trek Neko+ now only require her to use the eco setting. The electric bike has 3 settings to power assist your pedaling. It’s good to be able to measure your progress in this way, whether on an electric bike or 100% pedal power. Smiling at the top of that climb that used to make you cry is always a good moment!

In terms of planning, she found a fantastic book by The Offcomers Called ‘Cycling the Hebridean Way’. This is a book by a couple from Ambleside who recently rode the cycle route and have written a guide book. It cites really useful information such as where the bike shops are located, cafes, maps etc etc.

She attended our bike Cleaning Course to understand how to maintain her bike and what she should take with her, being mindful of the space and weight. She also attended one of our ladies only Maintenance Courses to learn how to fix a puncture. Although she has admitted to me that she hasn’t had much time to practice this yet! Although she has the spare tubes etc and now feels confident to have a go, she also has a list of bike shops just in case!!

Her bike is insured, a gold standard lock bought from us, she is now packing the panniers ready to catch the train on Thursday. The weather looks like it might be hot, but in the Outer Hebrides who knows what might happen! Knowing what to pack in the minimal space is a challenge and to know what to take in order to be prepared. Janet has informed me she is preparing by drinking plenty of wine to calm the nerves!!

Count down is on, watch this space and our facebook page on Thursday for the farewell! We will be following her journey over the next couple of weeks.