Women's Endura SingleTrack Jacket Review

December 12, 2016


Despite having a shop full of exciting products to review, it was easy to choose the first one to write about. The awesome Women's SingleTrack Jacket from Endura.


This is my jacket of choice when going for a ride when you need trustworthy protection from the elements. I am writing about the women's jacket, but the men's is the same jacket, just sizing and the cut are different.



Women's Endura Single Track Jacket 



The jacket is made of a fully seam sealed 2.5 layer material with a rating of 10,000, What this means is that the material is both waterproof and breathable. The rating 10,000 in very technical terms means that you could place a tube with 1” diameter over the material and fill it up to 10,000 mm (38.2 feet) before it would leak.   In terms of breathability it is measured by 10,000 grams of water vapour passing through 1 meter square of the fabric to the outside in a 24 hour period. As you might have guessed, the higher the number then, the more waterproof and breathable the fabric is.


In non-technical terms this means that it is going to keep you dry in the wet for those rides lasting a few hours! However if you are thinking of riding for long full days out in adverse weather conditions up in Scotland or embarking on touring adventures for days on end in wet climates then you might wish to consider the MT500 waterproof jacket which has 3 layers and rating of 18000.


To put it in perspective, I live and ride in the lakes and I use the SingleTrack Jacket.   




Women's Endura SingleTrack Jacket 



There is a reflective panel on the