With an increasing number of bike brands now opting to sell bikes online rather than through a dealer, it may be that the only option to buy the bike of your dreams is to purchase online via mail order.

This may work for some, but what if you don’t know where to start assembling and setting up your bike when it arrives. Correct assembly and set up of your bike is vital if you want your new bike to be safe and ride efficiently, as well as avoiding premature wear of components.

You can now have your mail order bike sent directly to us (with prior arrangement) for assembly/pre ride service.

We’ll unbox and check for shipping damage, assemble, adjust brakes and gears, Inflate tyres, check wheels for true and tension, check bearing preloads and set the bike up to suit you and your riding style, and we’ll even do a free 6 week tweak once the bike has bedded in.

For just £50 you will leave safe in the knowledge that your new bike is assembled correctly allowing you to enjoy your rides.

Call 01229 585025 E-mail dan@ridebikes.co.uk or drop in to book or find out more.