Riding with a bag nowadays is pretty much a no go for me unless I’m doing a big hikeabike but the cobbled together bottle cage mount on my bike wasn’t really working so I thought I’d try a hip pack again. I’d tried them in the past but they had not really worked for me, feeling a bit uncomfortable and unstable. After doing a bit of research online I decided to try the Bontrager Rapid pack as it was supposed to be lightweight, stable and have just enough storage. Also being £45 it was a bit of a no brainer.

Bontrager Rapid Pack

Unlike some hip packs it doesn’t have a hydration bladder but a pocket to put a water bottle but seeing as I’m used to riding up to two hours with just one bottle that didn’t phase me. I’m impressed. Exactly as I’d read online. I know it’s said a lot on the bike clothing and gear reviews, but i really did forget I had it on. The straps are wide enough not to dig in across the belly and the bag itself is wide and padded wrapping around the hips. There’s storage for a bottle (as mentioned), a protected phone pocket, key hook and four smaller internal pockets inside the two larger main pockets. I can carry all my tools, co2, energy gels and bars, wind jacket, phone, van keys, tube, tyre worms, and have room to spare. I’ve actually just got a hand pumped water filter so I can use the bag on longer rides and refill my bottle from streams etc. which I can fit in too! I can see my hydration pack not getting used much at all now.

The Bontrager Rapid Pack is available to order from us priced at £44.99.