If you’re looking for a great all-rounder that is competitively priced this is the computer for you. For the serious rider in training the computer can be either paired using bluetooth or Ant+ to cadence/speed sensors, heart rate monitor and a power meter meaning you can do all the number crunching you wish. The computer also auto syncs to Training peaks and Strava which makes keeping track of your training super easy.

Personally, even though I’m not a rider that paws over stats and figures, I have found this computer allows me to push my riding in different ways. Firstly, it’s really easy to plan a ride using either the Lezyne Roots website or using an app called Komoot (my preferred method) and then transferring this ride plan to your device is even easier using the Lezyne Ally app. Once the ride plan is on the device just get riding and it will tell you exactly where to go, if you ever wander off track you can use the bread crumb functionality to find your way back.

The computer, when connected to your phone, can also send a link to the live tracking site. This link is only sent to people of your choice and is not public, but it does always make me feel safer, especially when riding alone. I feel these features allow me to push my riding in the way I want to, by riding new places for longer, further, faster and higher. Giving me a real feeling of exploration and freedom.

Another great feature I find extremely helpful is that you can set up multiple bike accounts so the computer transfers easily from one of your bikes to another. This means I can keep track of mileage from one bike to another without bother.

The only advice would be, to be careful that the rubber bung covering the charge port is secure before using the device as it needs to be pinched in place to keep the device from water ingress.

Overall, I have found the computer great. Versatile, user friendly and packed full of great features it’s also a steal at £180.